Sports diploma program


Sports diploma management Required

CODE Course Title Description Of The Course
CEM 542 Sports Business and Personnel Management The study of the principles of personnel management including staffing and development of human resources as applied to sport.
CEM 543 Sports Administration The study of basic concepts, theories and organization of administration. The managerial environment, ethics, social responsibilities and strategic management as related to sport are also explored.
CEM 544 Sports Marketing A study of sport marketing principles and the elements of the marketing mix. Selected topics include advertising, promotions, pricing, sponsorships, licensing, and market segmentation.
CEM 583 Sports Facilities and Event Management The study of the principles involved in planning, marketing, producing and evaluating sports events and facilities.
CEM 550 Sports Fundraising A study of the concepts involved in sports fundraising activities.
CEM 551 Sports Public Relations A study of the nature, content and application of public relations in sport programs as related to educational institutions, organizations and associations.
CEM 422 Structure and Function of Sports An analysis of professional and amateur sport organizations from a philosophical, historical and operational perspective.
CEM 367 Olympic Culture An examination of the structure, history and culture of the Olympics and the Olympic movement.
CEM 400 Leadership Principles in Sports This course teaches concepts, principles, and skills of leadership for managers in the sports industry who must influence others to get things done. Styles of successful sport coaches and managers will be examined and analyzed in the context of their times and settings.
CEM 487 Introduction to Sports Security Management This course examines the concepts, principles and methods of organizing and administering security management and loss-prevention activities in industry, business, government and sport venues. Emphasis is on protection of assets, personnel and facilities.
CEM 488 Contemporary Sports Security Management In this course students examine principles and issues in security management as well as the challenges, concepts, strategies and skills needed to manage security-related operations and activities. Focus is on leadership in management, personnel management, security planning and evaluation, communication and best practices.
CEM 489 Introduction to Emergency Management for Sport Settings This course examines theories, components, systems, and strategies in contemporary disaster and emergency management. Students examine: 1) The historical, administrative, institutional, and organizational framework of disaster and emergency management in the United States; 2) The role of the federal, state, and local governments in disasters; 3) The role of nongovernmental organizations in emergency management; 4) The role of land use regulation, the media, crisis communication, insurance, and citizen participation; 5) The social and economic costs of disasters; and 6) The management of natural and man-made disasters.


SPORTS COACHING Required courses


CODE Course Title Description Of The Course
CEB 371 Sports Coaching Methodology Designed to provide students with a conceptual blueprint for teaching sport and the fundamentals associated with sports coaching.
CER 332 Sports Strength and Conditioning An approach to assessing and enhancing sport performance through improving strength and cardiovascular endurance. Included is a focus on injury prevention.
CEB 368 Sports Psychology A focus on the study of motivational phenomena that affect individual athlete and team performances.
CED 346 Sports Medicine An overview of sport-related injuries and the application of emergency treatment.
CEM 541 Sports Administration for Coaches Every coach must understand the fundamental principles of administration. All administration begins with the coach. The course introduces coaches to basic approaches for organizing and maintaining consistent programs through effective administration. Understanding the necessity of insurance, first aid, emergency contacts, travel arrangements and the rudimentary approaches to personnel management are some of the main topics of this course.
CEM 583 Sports Facilities and Event Management The study of the principles involved in planning, marketing, producing and evaluating sports events and facilities



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