One Edraak
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will continue to promote clients success and satisfaction
while incorporating our core values.
To become the premiere source of business for the
Middle East by exploring the best there is to offer,
soaring towards the horizons of success with our prestigious partners.
To provide excellence in service delivery through
best-practice management, state of the art technologies
and methodology with total commitment to performance, quality,
provision and adherence to the pursuit of integrity in client relations.



Dr. Khalid Abdullah Wazir - Managing Director

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Wazir is the Managing Director of Edraak Training & Consultants LLC. He finieshed his PhD in Engineering Management in Capitol University, Seattle, Washington, USA. He also holds MBA in Sports Management from Druker Institute, USA.

Edraak Training & Consultants LLC (“Edraak”), a highly specialized and professional firm which provides the services such as all sorts of sports training, corporate and management consultancy, legal consultancy and financial consultancy. Edraak is in pursuit of excellence, leadership, lodges a privileged position and remarkable reputation in the market due to its professionalism, experience, timely services and also due to its extremely competitive prices. Edraak has strategic and experienced associations with local as well as foreign partners, with immense experience of working in the U.A.E and in the Middle East. Setting standards that achieve outstanding results and maintaining them is the core of Edraak’s strategy. Edraak has been established to set these standards and provide these standards to each industry within the Middle East.


Ahmed Khalaf - Training Manager

Ahmed Khalaf currently works at Edraak Training & Consultants LLC as an Administrator / Training Manager for Training companies contracted on international training projects for the Abu Dhabi Police and other government entities. He have been contracted to over 500 courses during the past 18 months. Previously, he was as a senior accountant in different industries. And currently he is working on his PHD in Human recourses.



Annalyn Paguio-Galvez is the Finance Manager at Edraak Training & Consultants LLC. She graduated in the Philippines with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy. She is responsible for fund managing in such a manner as to maximize return of investment while minimizing risk and also ensuring that adequate control structure is in place over the transfer and investment of funds. She is also in charge in financial analysis in such areas as forecasting, budgeting, engaging in cost reduction analysis and reviewing operational performance.


Rasika Prasad – Senior Accountant

Rasika Prasad currently working in Edraak Training & Consultants LLC as an Senior accountant. He is professional with over five years of experience, possesses multiple skills covering many financial areas such as laws, cost control principals, ledger analysis, financial statements, budgeting, auditing practices and economic regulations, highly organized and articulate, able to achieve results in a timely manner.



Rehman Noor is currently working in Edraak Training & Consultants LLC as an Accountant. He is quite experienced , possessing an analytical mind, a keen business sense and excellent communication skills. His major responsibility includes finding the best deals for the company and always seeking out business relationships with top notch suppliers.


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