I am extremely proud to be the Chairman of Edraak Training & Consulting (Edraak). Indeed I would like to recall the importance of ‘The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030’, which is a global, ambitious and comprehensive plan for the diversification of the Emirate’s economy with a significant increase in the non-oil sector by the year 2030.

The sixth priority of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 is namely: “Developing a highly skilled and highly productive work force” .It seeks to create new employment opportunities for UAE Nationals in the future, particularly in highly-skilled, knowledge-based and export -oriented sectors.

To be a part of this effort makes me indeed proud as an entrepreneur but mostly as a UAE national who’s aspired to contribute with its modest efforts in this honorable field of education, training, skills development and acquisition of know how, including and not restrictive to various Sport education, because we should not ignore that Sport has grown into a global, diverse and complex industry worth more than 3% of world trade.

Edraak is concentrating its efforts on planning new development goals. Standing at this new starting point in progress, we are committed in building Edraak into a competitive Consultancy, Education and Training firm. Meeting that challenges and continually exploring the concept of training and know how acquisition, has allowed us to stride more consistently on the road towards success. Through various partnerships with international and as well local companies, Edraak has entered a new stage of development.

Our personal integrity, our shared values and our ethical business conduct are the solid basis of Edraak’s reputation. When combined with the quality and performance of our consultants, those elements create an incredibly powerful platform for business success for the company growth.

Our everyday behavior and decision making must be grounded in these two values, and our adherence to Edraak’s Code of Conduct is essential to our success.

Yours sincerely,
Mohamed Bin Tha’loob Al Derai


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